Cathy Sáenz nostalgically remembers her first steps on TV: “I earned S/ 50, saved up and bought a car”

The name of Cathy Saénz rose to the fore on Peruvian television thanks to “This is war“Getting more popularity. Not because she was a ‘reality girl’, but because she was in charge of directing the members of that program. However, she was also in”Combatassuming the same role, but where was he before?

In an interview they did for the channel Youtube ‘The Coners’, saenz revealed what it was like to be in those television spaces; However, he also revealed the entire process that it took for him to get on TV and escalate over the years.

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Cathy He indicated that from a very young age he already made his first steps on the screens, counting, even that during his internship stage his salary did not exceed two hundred soles each month.

“I started earning, well, I earned S/ 50 a week,” confessed who played the role of ‘Mamacha’ in EEG. Similarly, the interviewers put her in a bind by wanting to know when she earns now, but she preferred to keep it a secret.

On the other hand, Cathy He maintained that his salary grew slowly, assuming the same role as a practitioner. Then, she was just able to climb in her work environment and they decided to make her her assistant, where her monthly salary was quadrupled.

“But it has been little by little, in fact it was S/ 50, then they paid me S/ 350, as a practitioner. Later they told me to be an assistant when I was 19 years old and they paid me S/ 800,” he mentioned.

Finally, Cathy Saenz He maintained that he was not wasting his money and that one of his plans was to be able to buy a vehicle in order to travel to his place of work and that, for this, he had to save since with the salary he earned he considered himself a “millionaire.”

“I saved and bought a car at 21 because I saved, because for me S/ 800 soles was (…) a Hyundai Excel from 93,” the producer said during the interview.

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What programs did Cathy Sáenz direct?

Cathy Sáenz achieved popularity by being part of the production of “This is war“and also for the character of ‘Mamacha’ that he had when he was part of the program. However, it was not the only television space in which he worked.

In addition to ‘EEG‘, saenz He was in “women in command” when she assumed the role of host. In the same way, she was among the producers of “Combat“and now he works on the channel Youtube ‘We are not TV’.

In addition, Cathy He confessed that he works alongside other producers such as michelle alexander, Guillermo Guille, Julio Zevallos, Gisela Valcárcel, Susan Umbert and a few more that he mentioned in the interview he had.