Cathy Sáenz reveals the tactic she used for “Combate” to outperform “EEG”

In its beginnings, Cathy Sáenz was the general producer of the reality show “This is war”, broadcast by America TV; However, he later changed television houses, signed a contract with ATV and began directing the now-defunct and well-remembered program “Combate”, which —at that time— struggled daily not to lose its viewers. In this regard, the popular “Mamacha” was encouraged to tell, after several years, what was the strategy he used to outperform his main competition in rating.

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What tactic did Cathy Sáenz apply in “Combate”?

In an interview for the YouTube channel “Los coneros”, cathy saenz revealed that upon reaching “Combat”this television space had a low audience, so she found herself in need of using a strategy that she had already applied in her previous job as a producer of “This is war”.

Along these lines, the actress also said that, when she belonged to the ranks of the América TV reality show, she realized that a large number of housewives were consuming “This is war” because the soap opera “Rosa de Guadalupe”. For this reason, after realizing that this was happening, she used it to her advantage in “Combat”.

“That’s why we put ‘Case closed’ as a mattress. The housekeepers would see that, ‘Combate’ would start and the pod would continue”, were the words of Saenz, who also clarified that these are strategies that “any self-respecting producer does.”

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Did Cathy Sáenz have preferences when she was in “Combat” and “Esto Es Guerra”?

Cathy Sáenz maintained that she had her favorite teams while she was “This is war” and “Combat”. Despite these preferences, the producer made it clear that it never benefited any of these during the competitions.

“I was always closer, due to a friendship issue, to the ‘lions’, because Yaco (Eskenazi) and Gino (Pesaressi) were there, my whole little group was there. (…) And in ‘Combate’, I think it was ‘red’, because it was the color that stood out the most”counted saenz.

The programs “EEG” and “Combate” were in charge of producer Cathy Sáenz for several years. Photo: LR composition / YouTube capture