Cathy Sáenz: What was your exorbitant salary as an intern with which you were able to buy your first car?

Producer Cathy Sáenz revealed unpublished details of her life and her entry into the world of television when she was just a teenager. In a recent interview, she told how thanks to her perseverance she was able to buy her first car when she was only 21 years old.

As you read it, the popular ‘mamacha‘ in statements to ‘Los Coneros’ for his channel Youtube He confessed that with his trainee salary he could afford to have his cart. How much did she earn? How did she get into América Televisión? That and more I will reveal below.

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What was Cathy Sáenz’s salary when she started as an intern?

The ex-producer of This is war narrated that she had the opportunity to work in one of the most important channels in Peru when she was in her second year of university. In addition, she stated that although at the beginning she only earned 50 soles, over time this figure increased, so much so that she was able to buy her first car.

“I started earning 50 soles a week, when I was… (in This is war) a lot, well not much, what I deserved to earn (…) It was little by little, first it was 50, then 350, then I was an assistant practitioner already paid me 800 soles, I was a millionaire at the university… at 21 I bought a car, because I saved,” he said at first Cathy Saenz.

“I spent almost nothing on tickets, and I saved, I was able to save and I bought a Hyundai… I was very happy driving, with my car and its fan,” he added to the surprise of the ‘Coneros’ drivers.

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How were the beginnings of Cathy Sáenz on TV?

However, his start in this world of the small screen was done by the hand of America TV when she was 17 years old, and it was thanks to the notice that one of her friends gave her to apply for a job. From there she also went through channels like Latina and ATVhaving 22 years of career in total.

“Oops! Chibolita. I was 17 or 18 years old, I was in my second year of university and a friend of mine, Mónica Pastor, told me that there was a job interview to work at América Televisión… I entered little girl and I learned along the way, and from then on I never stopped working for a single day,” she said. Cathy Saenz.

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Did Cathy Sáenz want to leave TV to get married?

She gave the answer to this question without a problem, as she assured that although thousands of times she thought about giving up the world of show business and entertainment, but when she was in love she almost made it happen.

“A thousand times, I think that the moment I wanted to leave was when I was very much in love, I was going to get married, in fact I felt that I had no time for myself and I think that was the moment and that was the moment that I said : “Enough already”. On television, everything is now, you don’t have time… I always tell them to move a lot, not to stay in one place,” confessed Cathy Sáenz.