Cathy Sáenz: Who were you going to buy a television channel with?

Cathy Sáenz, who was a producer of Combat and This Is War, revealed to a YouTube channel that he was almost about to buy a TV channel. She said that she could not come to fruition, but she was about to make it happen in 2013. She even told which show business characters she was going to make this acquisition with.

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For Jorge Talavera’s YouTube channel, cathy saenz told how this idea was born that was about to come true. It turns out that according to the television producer, one day she got together with some friends who were drivers and it occurred to them to buy channel 11, which between 2012 and 2013 was selling its signal.

According to cathy saenzShe and her friends, who were drivers, had planned to buy the channel 11 signal, go there and do some programs, however, none of that came true. In addition, she revealed who was involved in said idea.

According to the former producer of Esto Es Guerra y Combate, cathy saenzThose who were involved in this project were some driver friends like Mathías Brivio, Yaco Eskenazi and Renzo Shchuller. In addition, they were going to be the figures of said programs that were broadcast on the new channel, but nothing like that happened.

“We knew it was not going to happen. It was all very utopian. We said: ‘Oops! Okay. How much must be invested, how much for each one?’. It became like more than numbers. Passion was lost in the process, and that’s it, it was very small, but I always wanted to,” he concluded by telling cathy saenz Jorge Talavera.

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What did Cathy Sáenz say about show programs?

Recently cathy saenz He referred to the entertainment programs. She said that she does not see them for mental health. She even confessed that she did not miss shows like “Esto Es Guerra” for which she was a producer.

“The truth is that no. I lived what I had to live in ‘This is war’ and I had a great time. Together with ‘Combate’ they have been the best years of my life,” he replied cathy saenz In an interview with Trome, where he also replied: “I don’t use these kinds of programs for mental health (…) I’ve been under chronic stress for nine years and it’s very painful.