Cathy Saenz: Why did you leave the production of “Esto es guerra” to go to “Combate”?

Cathy Saenz is a well-known television producer. She has been in charge of different programs America TV, like “You are in all of them”; However, her most remembered role was in the reality show “This is war.” Despite being one of the most watched and successful programs on channel 4, in 2017 the popular ‘Mamacha’ decided to put aside the production of “EEG” to go to “Combate”, a ‘rival’ youth program. For what reason did he do it? Here we tell you.

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Why did Cathy Saenz leave the production of “Esto es guerra” and go to “Combate”?

In an interview with Diego Rivera for the YouTube channel “No es para tanto”, Cathy Saenz revealed that the main reason why she decided to withdraw from “Esto es guerra” and take over the production of “Combate”, a reality show that made her competition to the youth program on América TV, was that the set of “EEG” was far from the city.

“I decide to leave ‘This is war’ for a matter of time and health. Pachacamac was too far away for me. Going back and forth to Pachacamac, I was already tired. It was every day (…) I was quite exhausted”, commented the ex-producer of “EEG”.

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She also commented that although she was a producer for the digital part of América TV for a while, she did not hesitate to take advantage of the offer that ATV gave her to be part of the “Combate” team.

“The call came from ATV to be able to do ‘Combate’ and the studio was just around my house (…) It was an incredible contract (…) It was the golden age of ‘Combate’,” said Cathy Saenz.