Cazzu and Nodal announced that they will be parents at their concerts

The rumors were true. The Argentine singer cazzu and the mexican Christian Nodal they are going to be parents

This Saturday night during his concert At the Arena in Argentina as part of her “Nena trap tour”, the artist surprised fans by revealing her bulging tummy.

In other concertbut in Aguascalientes, Mexico during the second function of his show “Foraji2 Tour”, the excited artist told the fans: “I am no longer a daddy, I am going to be a daddy.”

To all my fans from the heart, who are always there for me, who are always supporting me… give them the news that I am no longer a daddy… now I am a dad and I want to thank you for all the love,” he said. Nodalwho raised the drink he had in his hand.

With a video on the theme “Jefa”, cazzu confirmed the happy news. “The people who came to accompany me are very important. Thank you”, he first thanked Julieta Cazzuchelli, that is her real name.

“Don’t you think I’m singing better?”, he asked. And he added between laughs: “It’s just that I feel like there are two of us singing now, like something is happening, I pee more often, but hey.”


Cazzu and Nodal have been dating since last year. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

The medium indicates that the trapera remained quite talkative: “Even so, I am like all of you, as you will see, the same things happen to me. If I stumble, I get hurt, if I don’t take care of myself, I get pregnant. The same”

Being one of the Argentine artists with the greatest international expansion, she was recently nominated for the Lo Nuestro Awards in the categories of “Female Artist Of The Year – Urban” and “Collaboration Of The Year – Urban” for her single Dime Dónde with Justin Quiles .

After his break with the singer Belinda, Nodal and cazzu They were seen together for the first time in Guatemala in June 2022. From there they continued to go out together, supporting each other at concerts until they formalized the relationship.

At the last Premio lo Nuestro 2023 gala, the rumors started after Nodal will touch the belly of cazzu while she tried to hide it.