CEO of Google Peru: “Millions of Peruvians say that YouTube is television”

YouTube has not only managed to become the most popular video application in our country and around the world, but millions of Peruvians consider that the platform is television because they see it on the central screen of their homes, according to the CEO of Google Peru, Edgardo Frias.

The executive of Google says they are proud that 5.5 million Peruvians use their home screens to stream on YouTube according to a report by Ipsos. “76% of those 5.5 million Peruvians say that YouTube is television because they watch it on the central screen at home,” he highlighted.

In this sense, he maintains that people not only want to see content on their personal screen, but on a larger one, since thanks to the screens that are in the center of their home they can experience it as a group and as a family.

For Edgardo Frías, the differential characteristic of YouTube compared to other video platforms is that it is based on three pillars: that the content is personally relevant, tells a good story and that users learn something. “These pillars have been characterizing YouTube content a lot and the creators have understood that it is part of the value proposition that they put in front of the platform so that users can consume it,” he said.

He also highlighted that content creators can find in Youtube a series of tools that allows them to understand their audiences and generate better quality content so that they can better connect with them.

Likewise, he considers very valuable the multi-format aspect that Youtube. “It’s not about horizontal or vertical, but horizontal and vertical. It is not short or long; it is short, medium and long”, said the CEO of Google Peru after highlighting that the platform is really flexible to formats, which means that creators find a better space for how to share their content.