CES 2022: all the new smartphones presented at the technology fair

The variety of technological products and services shown at the Consumer Electronics Show 2022, the most important technological innovation fair of the year, continues to surprise all users.

In this note we will show you the list of new cell phones exhibited at the technological event, from brands such as Samsung, OnePlus and Nokia.

The announcement of the OnePlus 10 Pro caused a lot of fury among its fans, because among the leaks its renewed design, the large rear camera module and the Hasselblad seal stood out a lot. Their characteristics are:

After months, Samsung decided to show its new high-end model and reduced price at the celebration of CES 2022. This new team shares some characteristics with its predecessor, but improves certain aspects to become one of the favorites of the year. Their characteristics are:

The new presentations of its mid-range, materialized in the form of two smartphones that can change their color. Both smartphones have a striking gold finish, which can turn blue when sunlight falls on them.

Also, they have two selfie cameras on their screen. Their characteristics are:

This new cell phone will arrive in the middle of this year. Although it does not have very advanced technology, it is one of the most anticipated, as it comes with the support of the Nokia brand. Their characteristics are: