CES 2022: App designed to use artificial intelligence to identify lost dogs

CES 2022, the largest technology fair in the world, has been held in the city of Las Vegas, in Nevada, United States. During this event, which is being held in person and virtually, they have not only presented smartphones, tablets, computers, among other gadgets, it is also a space used to honor application developers for their work.

The company Petnow Inc, for example, has just been awarded (in the Software and mobile applications category) for designing an application for mobile devices that uses artificial intelligence to identify lost puppies. According to the developers, this technology scans the noses of dogs, taking advantage of the fact that they are unique for each animal, similar to fingerprints in humans.

“Petnow-The Nose Print Identification App is a smartphone application that presents a revolutionary solution for identifying dogs with their noses. Like people’s fingerprints, dog noses are unique to each individual dog, ”he says.

“Artificial intelligence (AI) is used in the application to detect, capture and distinguish the noses of dogs. With a registration system powered by advanced identification technology for dogs with their nose prints, Petnow aims to build a world without lost or abandoned dogs, “they add.

If you want to know how to use this application, which seeks to put an end to lost dogs, do not hesitate to review the following video published by the developers on their official channel Youtube.