CES 2022: BMW to launch 31-inch screen with 8K resolution for its vehicles

On the occasion of the international fair CES 2022 one of the most important German firms in the automotive sector has revealed its new Theater Screen, a huge 31 inch screen that can be installed on the roof of your luxury vehicles, which can be lowered into the car to transform the rear seats into a ‘private cinema ‘.

This new component will debut as a innovative entertainment system that will work by means of a touch screen and has 8K resolution. In addition, it will be coupled to a device Fire tv built-in, making it compatible with virtually all streaming services availables.

Frank Weber key piece of the administrative council of BMW AG Development explains that the intention of the Mark is to create digital experiences immersive for the pleasure of the driver and his passengers.

“In theater mode, the rear of the interior is transformed into a private movie theater, as the Username will have a screen with 5G connectivity surround sound and individual transmission program ”, Weber detailed, explaining that this innovation is unprecedented within the entertainment standards.

The company The official launch date is still pending, but from now on It is rumored that it could be available to customers from July of this year. You can see the first test that the brand carried out on its new car with tv: