CES 2022: CyberPower Introduces the Kinetic PC, Its New Computer Capable of “Breathing”

In the development of CES 2022 the technology company CyberPower revealed one of the most extravagant computers, in terms of style and presentation, that it will launch this year. After several important announcements about next computer components and supplies the company unveiled its new Kinetic Series PC which, through its amazing ventilation system and a authentic casing design give the feeling that she was alive and that she could “breathe”.

It turns out that the striking and unprecedented case made by the International company for your computers it has 18 automatic ports that can be opened or closed to manipulate airflow making it look like the computer is breathing. According to the company, these items read the thermometers from the PC every 5 seconds, and uncover or cover depending on what is needed.

That is the hotter the computer, the more the valves will open to refresh the internal system. “These adjustments are not limited to a simple opening and closing, but to the opening and adjustment in real time to each degree of temperature change”, he commented. Nam hoang CyberPower Creative Director, during the conference.

As for the other elements, the Kinetic Series PC It has a transparent side panel along with a mesh top panel that is common in other cases. In addition, the case can be adapted to a 360mm radiator ATX motherboards complete and seven 120mm fans or five 140mm fans as detailed in the description of the equipment in the Web.