CES 2022: Nvidia launches free version of its Omniverse for creators

Nvidia continues giving what to talk about in the CES 2022 since, in addition to announcing their new RTX graphics cards just revealed that its platform Omniverse will now have a free version for all content creators.

East virtual space attracted a lot of attention in 2020, as it allows designers, artists, engineers and all kinds of people interested in technology build collaborative 3D worlds. So far, this function was in beta But the company took advantage of the first date of the event to make its official launch official available to all creators in Internet.

For many it may sound like a new topic; however, Omniverse has been downloaded for almost 100,000 users since its first premiere. Also, in November, Nvidia He launched Omniverse Enterprise a paid subscription for professional teams.

The Omniverse is quite complete, since the Omniverse Audio2Face, an application enabled by artificial intelligence that animates a 3d face based on an audio track. Meanwhile, this system offers support and direct export with the app MetaHuman Creator by Epic.

To date, there are more than 14 connectors for programs like Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya And till Unreal Engine. Similarly, Nvidia explained that they are working hard to release more soon, such as the long-awaited connector to work with 3D materials from Adobe Substance. In the following video, you can learn more details about this virtual universe: