CES 2022: Razer presents Project Sophia, its new customizable PC and desktop

CES 2022 remains in the sights of all users from technology Y video game due to the great announcements that the main international brands. Like every year, the launches of computers and laptops are the ones that attract the most attention, so companies like Razer have seen the opportunity to reveal their new products not to be left out of all this boom.

The hardware manufacturing company for games recently struck the table, launching the concept of its new project called Sophia a desk next to a Modular pc able to be docked and personalized in a style similar to that of sci-fi titles.

The approach of this creation is based on the ease of use and customizations since it has 13 different and interchangeable slots where each owner will be able to add pieces like touchscreens, digital writing tablets, audio mixers and temperature readers; to more everyday ones such as cup warmers, virtual clock or calendars.

Among its other relevant details, Razer indicates that this project will be powered by Intel Y Nvidia connected to a 65-inch or 77-inch OLED panel. Meanwhile, the company ensures that its main intention is for the computer to help exchange components such as the CPU, GPU, RAM among others, quickly and easily.

On the other hand, this computer it is ideal to perform live streams as you can incorporate speakers, microphones and a more powerful camera, in order to monitor your followers in the chat and handle sound editing during transmission.