CES 2022: Samsung shows prototypes of its future foldable and roll-up phones

The main technology brands take advantage of CES 2022, the most important technology fair in the world, to present their next launches. Samsung was one of the participating companies that did not hesitate to show the prototypes of its future smartphones that will have folding screens Y roll-up.

As detailed by El Androide Libre, a portal specialized in technology, the prototypes that we saw at the event (which took place in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, United States) bear the provisional name of Galaxy Fold S Galaxy Fold G Flex Note Y Flex Slidable. What is the difference between them?

Galaxy Fold S and Galaxy Fold G

Both devices (which can become a tablet) have not one, but two folds, but they have been designed differently. The first can still be used, even if it is not fully open, while the second will have to be fully deployed to become operational.

Flex Note

This device presented at CES 2022 is proof that Samsung wants to bring folding technology to larger screens. The user will be able to use the equipment as a large 17-inch tablet or a small laptop with a 13-inch screen.

Flex Slidable

Finally, the latest prototype that Samsung showed during CES 2022 is a roll-up screen phone. Thanks to the fact that it has a mechanism on the edge, the right side of the cell phone will be slightly lengthened to have more screen.