CES 2022: TCL presents NXTWEAR AIR, the second generation of its technology glasses

CES 2022 announces a wealth of news about technological innovations annually. This time, TCL presented its new mobile devices, among which stood out the NXTWEAR AIR glasses equipped with portable screens that offer a movie theater-like experience. They are part of the second generation of glasses equipped with two 1080p Micro OLEDs and have a weight of 75 grams.

As detailed TCL the dual display system built into the glasses is an experience similar to that offered by a 140 inch screen seen four meters away. What’s more, incorporates two speakers that reproduces stereo audio with special effects and can be used wireless or wired headphones.

In addition, NXTWEAR AIR they work as a secondary portable monitor via a USB Type-C connector that can be connected to a laptop or another Pc that does not have a screen.

Glasses TCL are also useful as an accessory for a Immersive game of video games from a cell phone.

In the same way, they result compatible with more than 100 models of Android and iPhone mobile phones allows a battery-free connectivity and it works with various models of laptops. About the design, can be customized The front part.

To date, they have no fixed price and the company plans to launch its lenses during the first quarter of this year 2022.