CES 2022: they present a curious brush that can wash all your teeth at the same time

During CES 2022, the largest technology fair in the world, not only smartphones, tablets or laptops are presented, but very curious or innovative products are also shown. One that attracted a lot of attention on social networks due to its particular design, is a electric brush which can brush all your teeth at the same time. What’s it called?

According to Paréntesis, a portal specialized in technology, the name of this unique invention is Y-Brush 2 a brush that stands out for having the shape of a denture and because it has nylon bristles on both sides. In this way, the user will not have the need to move or turn it inside their mouth, to try to clean the rest of their teeth.

According to the publication, the only thing you will need is to move it a little to the sides to get a perfect teeth cleaning. In general, a correct oral hygiene (with a traditional brush), can take between 2 to 3 minutes; however, thanks to the Y-Brush 2 you will only have to invest 10 seconds to remove all the rest of the food.

The developers of this curious electric toothbrush indicated that it has six different vibration modes, it also comes with a gum care, teeth whitening and polishing function. Additionally, it brings an application for your phone that will help you configure different oral cleaning programs.

It is worth noting that the Y-Brush 2 it has a small battery inside. To charge it, the user will have to place it on an inductive charging base for a few minutes to have it operational for several days.