CES 2022: they present a ‘robot bartender’ that prepares a drink in 30 seconds

In the city of Las Vegas, in Nevada, United States, CES 2022 has been taking place, the largest technology fair in the world, where several interesting novelties have been presented. Not only do we have state-of-the-art laptops, smartphones or tablets, but also other eye-catching products that quickly made a splash in stores. social networks.

One of the curiosities presented during CES 2022 was Bev, a small robot bartender that was developed by the American company Black + Decker. According to Digital Trends, a portal specialized in technology, this machine can prepare any type of drink in a matter of seconds. A Cosmopolitan, for example, will only take half a minute to be ready.

How is this invention used?

According to the developers, Bev uses special capsules (such as those for coffee), which must be inserted into the device and select the level of alcohol you want in your drink. Once the machine recognizes the type of capsule, it will begin to drink the exact amount of alcohol from the liquor bottles around it (up to six).

The brewing process is simple, the robot bartender, created by Black + Decker, will mix the alcohol and the concentrate from the capsule, after a short waiting period, the drink will finally be ready for you to enjoy. What if it does not add is ice, so you will have to add it manually.

The creators of Bev indicated that the final version of this robot, which surprised thousands at CES 2022, will hit the market in May 2022 and will be priced at US $ 299.