César Ritter longs to return to “There is room at the bottom”: “I know that at some point I will return”

The new season of “Al fondo hay sitio” was well received by its thousands of fans in the country, which is why it continues to lead the ratings on national television. In this 2022, the main protagonists returned to the small screen, but some, like Cesar Ritter they were left with the desire, although this beats that at any moment it could turn around.

The actor is promoting the movie “Busco novia”, in which he is the protagonist, but he did not hesitate to speak again about his possible return to the production of América TV. As is known, the very figures of fiction such as Erick Elera, among others, invited those who have gone through it to return to give life to their characters.

César Ritter spoke with “América spectacles” and assured that he maintains close communication with the creators of “Al fondo hay sitio”, so he knows that at some point he will play the beloved Manolo López again.

“I really want to work with them, you know how well we get along. The people who make the series are very close to me, I know that at some point I will return. I don’t know when, but I have that hope. Surely I will be there ”, she indicated.

César Ritter achieved fame from a very young age thanks to his role as Lalo in “Mil oficios” at the beginning of the 2000s. There, he became a great friendship with Vanessa Jerí, who was also taking her first steps in acting.

But, despite their closeness, it was not until July 2021 that they both met again after a long time, so the actress wrote a heartfelt message for her former partner. “Our friendship has always remained firm and intact despite the years. We haven’t acted together for 10 years, when we did it’s like it was yesterday, so fun, witty and spontaneous ‘Cesitar Critter’, friend of my heart. I love you very much, ”she indicated.