Chabelita LAUGHS at Carlos Cacho and everyone who criticizes her: “Moving forward with my company” – INTERVIEW

The popular dancer He was the target of ruthless criticism on social networks, even from Carlos Cacho himself, when he announced that he was going to teach a self-makeup course.

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Her reaction was cool and she said she somehow got used to always being pointed at.

“I have nothing to say. The truth is, I keep moving forward with my company and preparing myself both in Peru and abroad,” he said.

He added: “They will always talk. I am happy because a few hours after I gave the news about the course, the places ran out,” said the ex reality girl.

– Are you bathed in oil?

– That’s right, I am a public person, and there will always be positive and negative comments.

– Do you feel that you have too many detractors?

– I don’t know, I’m not interested either, My objectives are clear to me and they are to move forward without looking back. I keep studying, growing.

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With his love in Lima

Nothing and no one overshadows the happiness of the dancerwho is enjoying the company of the owner of his heart rodney rodriguez.

“She came to see me, by her side nothing affects me, with my family she is my greatest support,” she said relaxed.