Change of job affects her

Question: Hi Dr. Simó, I have been working in the financial area of ​​a company for two and a half years. For reasons of improvement, they changed my position a few months ago and that has been chaos in my life, well, I went from a super comfortable position, where I worked in total harmony, to now, which is horrible, with a lot of tension. I am a super productive, proactive person, I recently finished a master’s degree with excellent grades. It has been very difficult for me the fact that it is being said that I got this new position because I was sleeping with my boss, and I even talked about it with him. It turns out that this change happened because he was moved from position (to a better one) and he asked as a condition to take his team, so I got a better position. The issue is that I see that it’s only me who doesn’t like me in the new department. I’ve even thought about giving up, it’s not fair so much poison. I feel bitter.

Answer: Hello, my dear, I want to start my answer by reminding you of your achievements as a good student who rose to a position by her own efforts, but who was not taught at university (like no one else) to have to deal with the injustices of life. life. And I take this opportunity so that all the parents who read me take this as an example and understand how important it is to teach their children about the evil in the world and how important it is to be assertive in situations like this.

I would like this to serve as a lesson for you to understand that the world is full of people whose only mission in life is to hate, criticize, defame, destroy, attack, because they have no purposes of their own, so you should never stop to understand them.

You must learn that you are the one who gives people power and also the one who takes it away, ignoring them will be your main and most powerful weapon.

Remember that you are so important that you take away La Paz. You are so important that only you reign in their thoughts. You are so important that you are the only topic of the day. Therefore, continue doing what has kept you as the protagonist in this movie until today and stay focused on all those goals that you want to achieve. he