Chapinero: how did a shoe inspire the name of the most popular neighborhood in Bogotá?

In the world, several places are named after famous events, saints or illustrious people; and in Bogotá, Colombia this is no exception. Chapinero It is one of the neighborhoods in the coffee country that surprises not only for its tourist spaces, but also for the history of how it got its name.

A cobbler and the shoes he created were the inspiration for thousands of people to name the place Where did this worker live? Due to the fame of his trade, various buyers came to look for his products, but not knowing the exact place where he made them, they asked in the streets for the ‘chapines’ and the man who made them, ‘Hero’.

According to Chapinero’s history, this man was called Anton Hero Cepeda who designed the popular shoe model of the time that was characterized by having a high wooden sole that allowed women to walk without dirtying their dresses in the muddy streets of Bogotá.

These shoes were called chapines and were very popular, so visitors almost always came to buy them. Due to the way they were searched, the locals began to put these words together. Thus, when they mentioned “We are arriving at chapín-Hero”, Both words ended up together and were heard as one, ‘Chapinero’.

Over time, the business grew and became a very commercial area in Bogotá. Due to Anton’s local influence, December 17, 1885 an agreement specified that the initial name by which this famous place was known, ‘El Villoro’, was officially renamed ‘Chapinero’.

According to the Bogota historian Alberto Borda Antón Hero Cepeda’s premises could currently be located in 2 zones. The first could be Carrera 7 with Calle 59 where you can see a gas station or, also, Carrera 13 with 57, an area known for being commercial.