Chef Tita will exhibit at Madrid Fusión

The organizing committee of the most important gastronomic congress in the world chose the Dominican Chef Inés Páez, Chef Aunt, to exhibit in the main auditorium, after considering her a world reference for her career and contributions to Creole cuisine. She will be the first local chef to go up on the big stage of the most important conclave of world gastronomy, Madrid Fusiona space in which only chefs chosen by the highest authorities of this relevant congress participate, which has established itself as the great annual event for its contribution to the creation of a global haute cuisine scene.

The Chef Aunt will exalt the Dominican Republic with the demonstration conference and tasting “Dominican Republic awakening the ancestors” that will focus on showing the beauty of the island through a tour of the native gastronomy that will begin with the Taíno era and will highlight all the influences that have been marking the Dominican gastronomic culture where it will also show the ancestral products before spectators from all over the world. and a large international press conglomerate.

Jose Carlos Capel, president of Madrid Fusion and renowned gastronomic critic expressed: “We have chosen Chef Aunt to go up to the main stage Madrid Fusion because it is a world reference, a great connoisseur of its roots, with a deep passion and mastery of its cuisine and modern techniques that make possible a contemporary interpretation of traditional Dominican cuisine distinctive for its flavors, qualities that are not within the reach of many cooks.