Chiky Bombom undergoes a gastric bypass and so reported

The popular Dominican influencer based in the United States, Lissette Eduardo, known as Chiky bombom, underwent the gastric bypass procedure, this Monday, December 12 and 24 hours later he did a live on his Instagram account to tell the details to his more than two million followers.

“I am in the hospital, already operated. Look at my serum, look at all my things. Gentlemen, I already had surgery ”, he explained. “I will give you all the details. I made my sleeve [gástrica] with Dr. Abel Bello, the best doctor right now. I am here in Miami. I can’t believe it, that I had surgery. Thank you for your prayers, thank you for everything. I feel so happy”.

Chiky Bombom explained that she felt very good and had not had any complications so far. She also said she educated herself very well before making this important decision, which will lead her to have the figure she has always dreamed of.

“Even with everything and being operated, I want you to know that now the mambo begins because now I have to acquire a number of eating habits, exercises and everything is mental,” he said. “I have to start now as a baby, learn to eat again, but all for the cause. I had been trying to make this decision for years ”.

In her video, the 33-year-old presenter also said that her procedure was recorded and that she will be sharing it very soon on her social networks in order to guide other people who are also thinking of doing the same.

“I had a liquid diet before this, a liquid diet for a week to cleanse the intestines, to cleanse the liver before surgery,” he said. “[Esto] It changed my life, it changed my life for the better ”.