Child does homework at his mother’s grave: “I know she is very proud of me”

A child has gone viral after being recorded sitting on the his mother’s grave, showing him his notes and doing his homework in the same place. The minor, named kikespoke with a woman who was struck by seeing him in the cemetery while visiting a relative.

The video, posted on TikTokshows the child in front of the grave, alone, until the woman comes to talk to him and knows the whole story.

“She died six months ago, I come here for six months to visit her and do my homework. I just got out of school and every day I come to visit her. When I leave school I come because it is close”says the child, when consulted by his mother.

“I always come to do my homework and when they give me the grades I show them to my mom”

The boy also expressed his feelings and told how he passed away: “I miss her a lot and even though she is in heaven, I know that she sees me and is very proud of me. She died of a pain in her stomach, she died in bed, she screamed a lot and one day she was no longer capable, so she passed away”.

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kike He said that he lives with his grandmother and that she always tells him that he is very special. The minor also told what he does when he is given his grades. “I always come to do my homework and when they give me the grades I show them to my mom.”

Many people, upon hearing the story, were moved and expressed their regret for the harsh situation that the minor is experiencing. “It broke my soul”, “My heart breaks”, “It breaks my heart, that boy is so cute”, “How nice what his grandmother says to him”, “It really is the saddest thing for a child”, were some of the comments.