Children drowned while trying to retrieve their ball that had fallen into a lagoon

Two boys aged 12 and 13 drowned in district 9 of El Alto, Bolivia, after trying to pick up a ball they were playing with that had fallen into a lagoon.

The incident occurred at approximately 2:00 pm, in the Villa Andrade urbanization, on the way to San Roque, in the city of El Alto, Bolivia. Members of the Police managed to find the body of one of the deceased and, at night, they found the other.

The deputy director of the Special Force to Fight Violence (FELCV), John Joseph Donaire He stated that both minors were playing near a lagoon and that, in an attempt to retrieve a ball, they lost control and fell into the water.

According to the police report, five students were in the area playing sports and witnessed what happened. They would have tried to save their companions, but they could not.

The father of one of the deceased minors told Red Uno that the child had Physical Education lessons and that he had brought all the implements of the case. When he got out of class, he took the opportunity to go play at the accident site with volleyballs and soccer balls.

“They call me, when I come here, I see my son’s little things, his shoes, his volleyball in the water, in the well, his companions tell me: ‘Your son has been lost before’, the other wanted to save him, but he couldn’t” the father said.

The residents of the area denounced that there is no signage indicating how dangerous the place is and asked that this lagoon be closed to protect other children.