Children’s magic returns to the Fun Science Memorial Museum

The Memorial Museum recently reopened, and with it its program of activities that it permanently offers to the public.

Among the activities that are beginning to be taught again is the Fun Science workshop ¨Care for the Earth, as part of the Saturday with Children program, an entertaining bet that brings ¨knowledge and joy to the little ones, free of charge.

With their funny characters, adapted to themes that protect the environment, the mad scientists put on a show full of entertainment.

“Take care of the earth” is a playful workshop that commits boys and girls to the preservation of natural resources, such as water and trees.

With the Fun Science style, the characters develop activities, games and experiments that call the little ones to reflect and acquire a commitment that revolves around the protection of natural resources.

Among the issues addressed in the workshop are the value of watersheds, why protect mountains and rivers, and the importance of trees.

There is also awareness of the need to save water, protect water sources and waste management to avoid contamination.

The impact produced by human actions on the environment is another of the topics addressed in the workshop, where children can learn to develop skills in favor of preserving nature.

The activity will take place this coming Saturday the 13th at the Museum headquarters, located on Arzobispo Nouel street, in the Colonial Zone, and where the whole family can participate.

The activity is part of the regular programming carried out by the institution, which remains open from Thursday to Sunday, as a preventive measure against Covid-19.

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