Chile: Chief of Staff resigns after massive email leak


The head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (EMCO) of the Armed forces (Army Forces) of Chili General Guillermo Paiva He presented his resignation on Thursday after a massive email leak that included sensitive national security information.

The resignation of the uniformed officer is known after the security breach perpetrated by the Guacamaya hacker group that released more than 400,000 email messages from EMCO, including documents classified as “reserved”, “secret” and “top secret”. The incident is so serious that Defense Minister Maya Fernández suspended her participation in the presidential tour in New York to return to the country and face the crisis, which affects all branches of the Armed Forces.

Along with delivering the records to the military justice to promote a criminal investigation, the Executive ordered an administrative summary to determine the responsibilities. The Congress Meanwhile, he has already taken action and his commission of National defense summoned the secretary of state together with the undersecretary and the head of the EMCO in order to account for the scope of the leak.

According to local investigations, the leaked files include data on cybersecurity, communications and border monitoring, as well as sensitive information on intelligence and satellite monitoring systems.

The internal documents -analyzed by the BioBioChile Research Unit– detail the care, complications and operational expenses of the Armed Forces during the State of Exception established in the regions of Bío Bío and La Araucanía, under the mandate of former President Sebastian Pinera.

According to secret reports, the Chilean Navy and Army disbursed, between October 2021 and April 2022, more than 1,200 million pesos (one and a half million dollars), despite the fact that internal reports show the shortage of basic equipment for the soldiers deployed in the area.

Peruvian Armed Forces? On different platforms it was warned that in the next few hours the emails of private companies would be known but also of Peru The Savior Ecuador Colombia Y Mexico that are directly related to military intelligence.