Chile elections 2021: where to vote and how to check if it is enabled in the electoral roll?

The Electoral Service of Chile (Servel) published a few weeks ago the list of table members for the general elections of the next November 21, 2021; These selected people will have a fundamental role so that the civic act is carried out normally. The general population can also review the electoral roll to find out whether or not they are entitled to vote and where to do so.

All those who are qualified to vote may vote; among them, Chileans abroad in the case of the presidential elections. On the other hand, for the votes of senators, deputies and regional councilors (councilors), only those who are in the national territory will be able to vote.

In total, 14,959,956 voters are entitled to vote in Chile, while 71,018 people can vote abroad. Therefore, the definitive electoral roll for the November 21 elections amounts to 15,030,974. On the other hand, the Servel indicated that 249,458 people are on the disabled list, so they will not be able to vote.

From Saturday, October 30, the voters authorized to vote can find out the voting places that will function in the process, on the website of the Servel electoral service: (, where you can consult electoral data, among other information, for which you need the eight numbers of the RUN and mark the captcha to ensure that you are not a bot.

The Electoral Service of Chile (Servel) has divided its registry into four groups (which you can access HERE).