Chinese citizens trade their things for food amid extreme quarantine

Since last December 23, the city of Xi’an, in northern China, has complied with a radical quarantine filed by the Government to stop the outbreak of coronavirus. Therefore, people have been prohibited from going out, with the exception of going to get tested for COVID-19.

For this reason, the Government assured that it will provide food to all citizens who need it, but that was not entirely true. Through social media, the majority of Xi’an residents have complained about little or no food available, according to the BBC.

According to the Global Times, the food had been delivered to the entrance of each building, but as there were not enough staff, they were not distributed in its entirety. Likewise, the Government recognized that there was a shortage of domiciliary and drivers, since they were in quarantine.

Days later, the commerce minister reported that the inhabitants of this city “already had enough food.” Despite this statement by the Government, the citizens began to exchange their electronic equipment for food through the social network Weibo.

Citizens traded cigarettes for cabbage, dishwashers for apples, and sanitary napkins for vegetables. A video posted on this social network shows a person exchanging their Nintendo for instant noodles.

Similarly, people exchanged food provided by the Government with their neighbors. Others, for their part, shared it with those who had not yet received food supplies.

The lack of food is not the only problem that the inhabitants of this city have. According to the Washington Post, hospitals are denying access to citizens who do not present a negative test of the COVID-19.

Due to this extreme policy, an eight-month-pregnant woman was unable to receive help and ended up losing her baby. According to the report, the pregnant woman was waiting outside the hospital for two hours, but was only treated when she began to bleed profusely. The fetus had already passed away.

The story of this pregnant woman became viral on this social network and got the Communist Party organization that protects women’s rights to promise an investigation.