Chinese company plans to replace workers with artificial intelligence models

One of the main concerns of critics of ChatGPT and the artificial intelligence models that have emerged in recent months is that these technologies completely replace human work. This fear appears to have come true at one of China’s largest media and public relations firms, Bluefocus Intelligent Communications Group Co.

Bloomberg News notes that they have managed to see a memo from the Chinese company’s internal staff revealing plans to replace outside staff with generative AI. “To embrace the new wave of AI-generated content, as of today we have decided to stop all spending on third-party writers and designers,” the internal memo reads.

Bluefocus Intelligent Communications Group Co has started talks with Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. and Baidu Inc. to discuss whether the two companies could license their advanced artificial intelligence technology to it.

The automation of human labor has been a topic of concern for decades, and few technological advances have generated as much concern as generative AI. According to a study carried out by Goldman Sachs, it is estimated that this technology could replace up to a quarter of work tasks in the United States and Europe, which would be equivalent to the loss of around 300 million jobs. This situation could cause a significant “disruption” in the main economies.

Joseph Briggs and Devesh Kodnani, authors of the Goldman Sachs paper, note that about two-thirds of jobs in the United States and Europe could be exposed to some level of automation through artificial intelligence. Globally, it is estimated that 18% of jobs could be automated through AI, with developed markets bearing the brunt compared to emerging markets.