Chinese influencer dies after drinking seven bottles in full broadcast just to meet a viral challenge

No person has the bought life and at the least expected moment the worst can happen. This was the recent case of an influencer of Chinese origin who was streaming with his followers and for fulfilling a viral challenge, it cost him his life.

In this case, he ends up losing his life after drinking seven bottles of liquor, which caused him an ethylic strike. 12 hours later, his family finds him without vital signs in his study.

What you generate by doing viral challenges

China, one of the countries with the most inhabitants and where technological innovations are not far behind, these reported cases, it is already being discussed whether there should be some type of regulation with the use of these entertainment applications.

Tighter refunds on app security are being debated in China. Social networks are dominating the field of entertainment. This time it happened with this influencer known in the Asian country as Wang. Unfortunately, on May 16, he died while streaming for the Douyin platform, the Chinese version of TikTok.

After finishing the viral challenge of drinking seven bottles of alcohol at midnight, there was no further information from that moment until his sad end was discovered after exceeding the consumption of liquor.

It is known until the moment that the influencer was in a competition

With other content creators where they sought to collect more gifts but in a short period, however, Paw Wang was the influencer with the fewest gifts and as punishment he drank bottles of Baijiu, a sorghum or fermented rice liquor that has up to 60 degrees of alcohol. That shock for his body was withering for his body.

He managed to continue with the transmission

Considering that drinking alcoholic beverages in the live in Douyin, but for this influencer to avoid problems with cancellation, he opened several accounts. In his last account he gathered more than 44 thousand followers. His death has caused netizens to ask for more, caused users to ask for more platform security and application regulations.