‘Chino’ Risas defends street comedians and his new program in Latina: “Somos del pueblo”

Mischief and Creole returns to the small screen with shred of humorwhich will bring latin with a group of traveling comedians, including Alcy Clyde, more popularly known as Chinese Laughs. He is a boom in Youtube and ensures that the artists of the town evolved and will be a new alternative in the open signal.

-What is your real name?
— Alcy Cley by Nivin Pacheco. The artistic vein comes from the Pachecos, my grandfather was a circus performer, my uncles worked there, my mother sang in the circus. I was the clown cantinflinin honor of Cantinflas.

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—You are a boom in Youtubewas that your springboard to television?
—Yes, I appreciate the affection of the public, in the years of the pandemic we could not work, we went out to record our videos on the street, which we later uploaded to Youtubein order to survive. I realized that many children saw me, that’s why the mood changed, today we do comedy for the family.

-The name of traveling comedians it was heavily criticized.
—It’s a pity, when people hear traveling comedians, they think they’re the worst. In this last generation there are salvageable artists and they can reach every home. Many call us traveling comedians, in reality we are popular theater artists.

—In social networks many shake hands and collaborate in their recordings.
-Yeah, most comedians are from the town, we know where we were born and grew up artistically. We return to television renewed, but without losing mischief and Creole, with humor for the whole family.

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—Now it is easier to be a comedian considering digital platforms.
-Yes and no. You can be known with a viral in TikTok, but after two months you disappear, nobody remembers you. In addition to talent, you must have discipline and perseverance.

-He shred of humor from Latina will compete with J.B. on ATVs and The blowout of the chola.
—I don’t know the schedule, we know that the program will go on Saturdays in prime time. If the time coincides, it will be for me and my colleagues to be in front of JB and Ernesto Pimentel, they are great comedians and good professionals. ‘

Chinese laughs’, frustrated footballer

The brand new pull of shred of humor, which will premiere Latina next month, wanted to be a professional soccer player. He played in district leagues, but humor was stronger. “I had the support of my father, perhaps if he had fought more and put more effort, surely he would play in the second professional,” he said.

Chino Risas recalled his facet as a soccer player, he always received the support of his father. (Source: FB: The Official Chinese Laughter)