Chola Chabuca supports the Uchulú and confirms that there was a ‘slap’ from the singer: “Yes it happened”

In the recent edition of ‘El Reventonazo de verano’, the Chola Chabuca He did not hesitate to confirm the statements made by Uchulú, who publicly denounced having suffered, some time ago, improper touching by a singer in the middle of the América TV program. This time, Ernesto Pimentel He invited the comedian to his television space and expressed his full support. He even questioned Tony Rosado for branding the redhead in a bad way after being linked.

This March 18, the Chola Chabuca decided to give space to the uchulu and explain if he really has a problem with her, this after his confessions in TikTokwhere he told that he lived an uncomfortable situation in ‘The blowout’ for alleged harassment. “What did you feel? Because I felt sorry because I said ‘well, I can go out to clarify things’, but I felt that you felt (…)”, began by saying the leader of the channel 4 program.

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Uchulú did not hesitate to come forward and thank him for his support, likewise, he expressed how he felt after receiving much criticism for exposing what happened to him years ago when he worked in said comic space. “Yes, I felt very uncomfortable, I was a little sad, but it is part of all social networks because, apart from the fact that I can have people who support me, there are people who do not support me,” she said.

Finallypepper accepted that there was an unusual action as mentioned by Uchulú. “What worries me and I think it is important to say is this: One, it did happen. A person said to Uchulú ‘Uchulú’ and she passed by, and then that person said ‘Uchulú’ again and gave her a slap. I was there, but I didn’t see exactly the moment. At that moment action was taken. You were asked are you okay? and she said “yes, no problem”, “he explained.

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Chola Chabuca assures that Uchulú solved what happened

At another point in the conversation between the two, the Chola Chabuca She commented that the measures were taken immediately, but that Uchulú commented that she could solve everything with the person who attacked her. “When there was the Uchulú claim, it stayed there because you solved it and what did that person tell you?” Ernesto mentioned.

“Yes, we were talking, well, it’s okay, nothing happens, he told me that it was all a joke, he thought that maybe I could like it,” said Etza Wong, the young man who plays “Uchulú.” Meanwhile, the Chola Chabuca did not support the latest statements by Tony Rosado, who had deplorable comments against the comic actress after rumors that he would be her attacker.