Chola Chabuca thanks the public’s reception for the farewell program of 2021: “For me it is an honor”

In style! The great concert that América TV broadcast on the last day of 2021 (December 31), thus becoming the most tuned program with 9.6 rating points.

Peru welcomed the New Year with the animation of the Chola Chabuca in a big way, and well accompanied by artists and singers invited to its stage, among them: Daniela Darcourt, Cielo Torres, César Vega, Combination of Havana, Bryan Arámbulo, Explosion of Iquitos, Marisol, Toño Centella, Briyit, and others.

But, it was not the only television space that Peruvian families chose to see on the last Saturday of 2021, since on the grid of America Television the Peruvian soap opera “Neighborhood Board“with 9 units. While in Latin,” New Year’s Party “reached 6.6 and “I am” did 6.1.

“It is impressive that the public has accompanied us once more in the broadcast at the end of the year. For me, it is an honor to be in front of the viewers bringing joy. I thank you for your tuning,” said the Chola Chabuca.

Andrés Hurtado to Ernesto Pimentel about a trip to Mexico: “You will go like my employee”

Driver Andres Hurtado revealed that he still hasn’t forgiven Ernesto Pimentel for not inviting him to his birthday. Let us remember that days ago, the popular Chibolín was extremely furious when he realized that he was not invited to the great birthday of the Chola Chabuca. However, he was later invited to a special dinner his colleague held to vindicate himself.

“He invited me to dinner for his birthday simply because he hadn’t invited me to his birthday. He did not invite me to dinner because he loved me or because I was his friend, he simply did it to vindicate himself so that I do not resent it and that is why he made me a dinner, “he said in his program at the beginning.