Chola Chabuca unstoppable in the rating They leave behind the promoted premiere “Jirón del humor”

Proving that it is still the number one comedy program, “El reventonazo de verano” won the rating on Saturday, April 15 with 9.6 points, making it the most tuned-in program of the weekend.

In this way, the space of the Chola Chabuca surpassed “JB en ATV”, which achieved 6.9, and the widely promoted premiere of Latina, “Sliver of Humor”which brought back the remembered traveling comics of the 90s, which made 5.6 units.

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Further back was located “Duel of Champions”, of Latina, which obtained 5.3 units.

“It is a pride that the public continues to follow us for 15 uninterrupted years. With Manolo (Rojas), Fernando (Armas) and the entire cast we provide a family program and viewers know that. So we will continue to strive to bring joy to their homes every Saturday,” said Ernesto Pimentel.

He added that here it is not about numbers, but that different alternatives are offered to the viewer. “That everyone has a job,” she said.


“El reventonazo de verano” had the Mexican actor Sebastián Ligarde as a special guest, who came to the set together with some main characters from “Moonlight 3”, André Silva and Vanessa Silva.

However, Sebastián did not imagine the surprise that Ernesto Pimentel and his production team prepared for him for his 50-year career in the art world. The actor was moved to tears.

On the other hand, Pimentel announced that a contract is coming that will surprise everyone and he will announce it very soon.

In addition, he is preparing the production of his new circus season, which, as he has accustomed us, will be at the facilities of Lima Plaza Norte.

The América TV figure expressed his joy at returning to music with strength and on weekends he is always on various stages cheering the public.