“Chopa”, the dog that Marvel actor Simu Liu adopted in the Dominican Republic

The protagonist of the film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (Marvel), Simu Liu, told how he found his pet Chopa, whom he rescued from the streets of the Dominican Republic in the middle of filming.

In an interview on People VIP, the actor explained that during the filming of the feature film in the city of Santo Domingo there were several stray dogs as part of one of the scenes and there he began to play with them. There he met the dog, with whom he assured he had an instant connection.

“I feel that all the dogs that I have come across in the Dominican Republic, in the shelter or on the street, have wonderful behavior. They are all gentle, sweet, and good. They really moved me and I recommend it to everyone … if you are in the Dominican Republic or if you are considering having a dog, instead of buying it, adopt it, “he said.

“Chopa has really adapted to her role as princess of the house. She loves hugs even more than when I met her in the Dominican Republic, and she won’t hesitate to climb onto the bed / chair / sofa at any time to be able to sit next to you. She is infinitely sweet and always vigilant, picking up my subtlest signals, “he wrote.

The story of Liu’s newest furry baby is long and dramatic. It doesn’t matter all the fodder on its name. Chopa in the Dominican Republic is maid jargon and people wonder more about how these two got into each other’s lives.

Chopa first entered Liu’s life while filming Arturo el Rey in the Dominican Republic this spring. It was love at first sight. Liu had euthanized his beloved husky in 2019. Although he knew he would rescue him again, he did not know when.