Chris Hierro, Alejandro Sanz’s Dominican keyboardist

Many artists may have stood out within the industry for the simple fact of being “sons of”, but that is not the case with Chris Iron. Although his father is Henry Hierro, a merenguero from the well-known orchestra “The Big Apple”, he has known how to forge his own path in music based on his talent.

As the saying goes: what is inherited is not stolen. This young Dominican is known for his work as a music producer (with which he has earned Latin Grammy nominations) and for having spent more than 15 years as a keyboardist for the group that accompanies Alejandro Sanz on their tours.

The albums “Este soy yo” by Héctor Acosta “El Torito” and “Resistirá” by Milly Quezada, produced by him, were nominated for Best Merengue and/or Bachata Album at the 2022 Latin Grammy. It was also in the Best Album category Contemporary Tropical with Tropics” by Pavel Núñez.

It was specifically in 2006, through colleagues, that he met Sanz’s musical director and joined his band. “He saw me and called me to be part of the band that was going to accompany him (Sanz) on a short promotional tour for the album he had just released, ‘El tren de los momentos'”, recalls Chris in conversation with Diario Free.

There began an adventure that to this day he defines as one of the best experiences of his life in the professional field. “He is one of the most important artists in music in Spanish. He has been one of the people who has taught me the most how to be professional, ”he points out. “It has been a great blessing. I know what it feels like to work in bands, with different types of projects, and I can say that this has been the best team”.

Part of feeling so comfortable has to do with the fact that he has created a kind of brotherhood with the other two Dominicans who are part of the group: Helen de la Rosa (drummer) and Karina Pasián (chorister). “We get along super well and it’s cool because sometimes we say things that only we understand,” she says with a laugh.

love and music come together


Chris and Katya make up the duo Break Out The Crazy. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

At the moment, Chris is on tour in Latin America with Alejandro Sanz. In parallel, it gives heat to “Break Out The Crazy”, a duo that he forms with his wife, Katya Díaz. They started composing for national and international artists, but there came a time when they decided that the best way to show their talent was by singing their own songs.

The couple met in 2012, during the “La música no se toca” tour. She entered the band to replace one of the showgirls. A great friendship soon emerged due to the aspects they have in common (both were born and raised in New York and are the children of artists) that led them to experiment together in music.

“The first songs that came out were very good, which motivated us to continue composing together,” says the Dominican. That’s where he was born.”Break Out The Crazy”, which the two define as a genre, rather than a group.

“Sometimes we do R&B fusions, other times we create songs that are a little more country or electronic. That’s what it’s about’Break Out The Crazy‘” he comments. Now they are focused on music in Spanish and Latin rhythms, which is evident in their most recent single.

“Notes” is almost an autobiography that describes the feelings that Chris and Katya feel when they are in love and making music together. The song is very sensual, and in it they fuse reggaeton, pop, bolero and flamenco. It’s an ode to the sounds they heard growing up on the streets of New York.

As “Break Out The Crazy” had the opportunity to open for Sanz at the concert offered by the artist in Mexico City, in February, as part of the “Sanz en Vivo” tour. When he found out that the couple was promoting his new single, he invited them to sing it on the stage of the National Auditorium.

That is one of the reasons why they will always be grateful to him. Beyond the artist, they value him as a person with a big heart, willing to help those who are making their way within the industry. “He has been one of the people who has supported us the most. He is incredible how supportive he has been and he has always told us that he really likes what we do, ”says Katya.

The relationship between Sanz and them is so close that they even consult him in musical terms. “He’s always left that door open by saying, ‘Chris, when you have something, let me know,’ and he always gives his honest opinion, which we really appreciate.”

About what comes with “Break Out The Crazy”, the couple reveals that a bachata version of “Notas” will be released together with a Dominican artist and more songs in Spanish that they will be releasing throughout the year.