Chris Soifer is not the only one: who are the other brothers of Michelle Soifer and what do they do?

Michelle Soifer She has been one of the most beloved celebrities of the Peruvian show business for more than a decade. In addition to her foray as a reality girl in “Esto es guerra” and “Combate”, and her career as a singer, the one born in Callao publicly introduced her family and the rest of her siblings, in addition to Chris Soifer. Did you know that the members of this famous clan also carry an artistic vein through their veins?

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Who are Michelle Soifer’s siblings?

In addition to Chris Soifer, Michelle He has three other younger siblings who make up his family, along with his parents Marcos Soifer and Katherine Cárdenas. Next, we tell you what each one of them does.

Michelle Soifer’s siblings are Chris, Kimberly, Mark, and Erick Soifer. Photo: Instagram @erick.soifer

Kimberly Soifer

Michelle Soifer’s first sister is Kimberly. Although unlike ‘Michi’, Kim did not devote herself to television professionally, she has participated with her celebrity as a dancer in her dance cast on more than one occasion. At the moment, Kimberly Soifer is dedicated to being the manager of all her brothersas indicated in their social networks.

Kimberly Soifer is a manager for her siblings Michelle, Chris, Mark, and Erick Soifer. Photo: Instagram @kimberlysoifer1

Chris Soifer

Christianne Soifer She is the youngest of the women in her family. The ‘mini-leone’ also accompanied Michelle in musical presentations during its beginnings and together with Kimberly and her mother they have participated in different sequences for television programs.

However, his debut in the world of reality shows occurred after an ‘ampay’ with Hernán ‘Churrito’ Hinostroza and he became part of programs such as “This is war”, “Combate”, “Welcome the afternoon” and “This It’s cool.” Chris Soifer also ventured into driving in Mister Peru on Viva TV and currently works as Michelle’s public relations officer and influencer.

Chris Soifer was presenter of Mister Peru on Viva TV. Photo: Instagram

Mark and Erick Soifer

The younger brothers of the entire ‘Soifer clan’ are Mark and Erick, who decided to continue the musical legacy of Michelle Soifer. In mid-2022, both returned to Peru from the United States, the country where they reside, to join the group 23, along with Lukas Ocean, Bathul and JDB. Their first single is called “Masochist”, belonging to the urban genre and was composed by the same members of the band.

Mark and Erick Soifer are part of Grupo 23. Photo: Instagram @23musicoficial