Christian Cueva: what does his wife, Pamela López, do and how did she meet the footballer?

christian cave, player of the Peruvian soccer team, lives next to Pamela López, mother of his three children, a great love story. The couple has one of the longest-lasting relationships in the public eye and the football environment.

The romance between them was consolidated when in 2019 they married their lives in one of the most long-awaited celebrations of all time. We tell you in the following note more about Pamela López, wife and mother of Christian Cueva’s children.

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What does Pamela López, wife of Christian Cueva, do?

Christian Cueva’s partner, Pamela López, has taken unique care regarding her person, so she has not revealed many details about her. However, through some publications on her social networks, she has shown that she is completely devoted to the care of her home and her descendants.

The romance between Pamela López and Christian Cueva dates back to 2011. Photo: LR composition/Instagram capture

It should be noted that Pamela López has two girls and a boy, who are the result of her relationship with Christian Cueva; However, she has her eldest daughter from a previous engagement, Fabianna, whom the selected one esteems as if she were her blood daughter. In this way, the family as a whole has shown how solid it is.

Pamela López and Christian Cueva lavish love on social networks. Photo: composition LR/

Pamela López is very attached to Christianity, as she has stated on her social networks, in which she openly declares her faith in God. For example, at the Halloween celebrations, she noted: “Me and my house serve Jehovah.”

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How did Pamela López meet Christian Cueva?

The love that Pamela López and Christian Cueva maintain is not recent: it has been in force for more than a decade. She met the soccer player in 2011, when he was only 20 years old when he was a player for the San Martín de Porres University Sports Club.

Christian Cueva usually posts snapshots with his family on his personal Instagram. Photo: LR composition/Instagram Capture

The team of the tooth is one of the first national teams that hosted Cueva Bravo. That is to say, López accompanied him from the foundations of the midfielder’s successful career. At that time, Pamela had her little girl Fabianna from her (7 years old).

The athlete’s wife has emphasized through her social networks the affection, love, admiration and respect she has for her fiancé. On one occasion, she expressed that Christian Cueva had been what she had always sought: far from being a prince charming, he was a warrior.

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Pamela López and the alleged infidelities of Christian Cueva

At the end of 2019, “La Chama” Alexandra Méndez and Shirley Arica accused Cueva of allegedly writing to them and asking them out under the excuse that “things are not going well with her” (his wife).

Pamela López has remained firm in her relationship with Christian Cueva, despite the criticism. Photo: LR composition/Instagram Capture

According to the Venezuelan model, the soccer player wrote to her on Instagram and invited her out, but she rejected him and sent the conversation to her Pamela López, who was pregnant at the time.

For her part, Shirley Arica also revealed in the missing program that she participated in a private party with several selected ones, including Luis Advíncula and Christian Cueva, the latter being the one who approached her and behaved very gentlemanly with her.

Christian Cueva apologizes

After the announcement of his wedding that will mark a “new stage” with his partner, Christian Cueva apologized to his family for giving them a hard time. However, he did not deny the accusations. “Those things belong to the past,” he said.

christian cave

“I feel very angry. Asking God to give me wisdom to be able to assimilate these things. I’m tired. I don’t really watch television, but they always comment on me and tell me that such a person has come out to speak. I’m really tired,” he declared to atv sports.