Christian Domínguez has a hard time and is knocked out LIVE by experts in Jiu-jitsu: “He ended up fainting”

Do not pass! Christian Domínguez is far from scandals, but at the time his sentimental life was on everyone’s lips due to alleged infidelity to his ex-partners. Now, the singer He is dedicated to wanting to show his best version and wanted to support a martial arts demonstration, without knowing what would happen to him.

In the last edition of america todayyesterday Thursday April 13, the popular leader of the Great International Orchestra He arrived at the Almeida JJ gym in the Santiago de Surco district to be able to give a demonstration to the public, without waiting for the consequences it would have.

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One of the trainers of the place explained to the public in detail how women should carry out some self-defense techniques. “You have to lower her hands, she turns on her side and grabs the heel,” he said on camera, while the Jiu-jitsu experts demonstrated the moves on camera.

Next, christian dominguez joined this group of women to support the demonstration. “As it has to be, there comes a man on the street, he wants to scare, abuse. How would they do it? I’m going to lend myself (to stage it),” he said, to which they told him: “Let’s see, Christian, fuck her.”

However, as soon as the artist wanted to show what he could do, the Jiu-jitsu expert immobilized him and knocked him out, causing him to fall to the ground. “He’s passed out,” said Sofía Franco, trolling Pamela Franco’s partner from the set of America Today.

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Who is Christian Dominguez?

christian dominguez He is a well-known character from the Peruvian show, who is 38 years old. He is a cumbia singer, leader of Great International Orchestraand boyfriend of Pamela Franco with whom he has a daughter named María Cataleya.

Likewise, he works as an actor, since he has worked for several projects in Neighborhood Productions, of michelle alexanderbeing the best known My love the wachiman as well as sissy.