Christian Domínguez helps Pamela Franco in her first training session of the year: “Come on, love”

Proud! Christian dominguez There was no better way to start the year than doing exercises with Pamela Franco. Thus, through his social networks, the cumbiambero shared his partner’s first training session in 2022.

Thus, the leader of the Great International Orchestra published a video where he is seen helping Pamela in her exercise routine.

“Come on, love, 8 am Your first training”, the singer wrote in his Instagram post.

More in love that never! Pamela Franco spoke once more about her relationship with Christian Domínguez for the Amor y Fuego cameras, where she assured that they are extremely close. The artist rejected comments from viewers who say that the affection she expresses for her partner is only for the screen and said that she encourages him at home.

He also spoke about his future with Christian Domínguez, and indicated that “you never know what might happen.” In addition, she was happy about the current state of their relationship: “Never in my life have I been happier or calmer than now.”

You want to look refreshed. There is no doubt that Christian Domínguez takes care of his personal appearance to the millimeter. For this reason, he said that he is very interested in having a hair implant. It all started when a doctor came to America today to talk about the aforementioned treatment.

Thus, the cumbiambero revealed that this change will be made in 2022. “I’m going to do it. In the next season in America today, if I am, they will see me as lush, Mario Cimarro, “he said.