Christian Domínguez: how is your relationship with Ángelo Fukuy after the singer’s resignation?

Angelo Fukuy He is one of the most representative voices of Peruvian cumbia and has participated in large groups, such as Hermanos Yaipén, Grupo 5 and, recently, Gran Orquesta Internacional, a group led by Christian Domínguez. For years, the singers shared stages and proclaimed a great friendship, but after Fukuy’s resignation from the actor’s orchestra there was speculation about the reasons for his decision and it was said that a feud arose.

Angelo Fukuy He was honest for the cameras of “You are in all” on the morning of this Saturday, October 8. The cumbia singer assured that he has not spoken to Christian for more than two years. “The truth is, I have not seen Christian since the last conversation we had, two days before my birthday in 2020,” he detailed at the beginning of the interview,

Fukuy commented that he has not stopped being his friend and that, if he met him, he would have no problem starting a conversation. He thus he discarded any enmity. “If I see him, I salute him; and, yes, on one occasion we ran into each other in a dressing room and said hello. I didn’t walk away. My friendship is there; It has always been there and he knows it.” he asserted.

After finishing his contract with Zona Libre, Ángelo decided to venture as a soloist and has received a good response from the public. The artist has performed at various events to give the stage a musical touch with his impressive voice.

On the other hand, his wife, Wendy Dyer, referred to the adversities his partner faced to achieve the success he currently enjoys. “At first it does hurt; It is as if I had lived through everything, because I was with him. But now we talk and he says: ‘Look, now we have to be grateful, because, if what happened hadn’t happened, suddenly the decision I’ve made, now, I wouldn’t have made it.’ We always come to think that things happen for a reason, ”she expressed.