Christian Domínguez: How many times did you try to divorce Tania Ríos and why was your request unsuccessful?

The singer Christian Domínguez is once again in the public eye, but this time to ensure that his divorce with Tania Ríos is almost a fact. Nevertheless, Magaly Medina True to his style, he decided to look for the file of the cumbiambero and surprised everyone with what he found. How many times did she want to get divorced? Here we tell you.

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How many times did Christian Domínguez try to divorce and why were they archived?

The ATV host and her production team decided to investigate the divorce file of christian dominguez and in his nightly program he revealed everything that the singer did not tell about his legal separation with Tania Rios.

According to what was learned, the presenter of América Hoy began his first divorce proceedings in 2006, but that same year it was archived because Christian did not follow the corresponding process.

Ten years later, the businessman filed for divorce again, but it was also filed for abandonment of the process. The same thing happened in 2017 when he filed for their separation again.

Lastly, in 2019 he returned to carry out the corresponding paperwork in search of his divorce and apparently on this occasion he does continue with all the indications, since everything seems to indicate that this year he would get married.

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When did Christian Domínguez and Tania Ríos get married?

Christian Dominguez and Tania Rios They were married on February 20, 2002, but their love story did not last long because only a year later they separated. It should be noted that they did not have children, so months later they both decided to start rebuilding their lives.

In 2005, Tanya He traveled to the United States to be able to have more opportunities in the professional and personal field. According to ChristianIt is for this reason that your divorce takes time to complete, since your ex-partner does not have a specific address abroad and there is no way to send him all the documents.

However, the former dancer came out to defend herself and said: “If he wanted to get divorced yesterday, the day before yesterday, a year or two ago, if he wanted to do it, he would have already done it and he hasn’t done it, here there is no missing woman or dead, or anything. He knows where I am, he knows how to locate me, how to find me.”

Tania Ríos and Christian Domínguez in their relationship. Photo: Diffusion.

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Magaly Medina promises to help Christian Domínguez with his divorce

The popular ‘Magpie’ decided to help christian dominguez regarding their divorce and proposed to send all the documents to Tania Rios, because he supposedly can’t find his address in the United States.

“She has already said it (Tanya), any document that you want to send him, you can give it to us and we will give it to him, “said the show presenter who revealed the entire divorce file of the cumbiambero.