Christian Domínguez respects Elías Montalvo’s talent in The Artist of the Year [VIDEO]

Ignore criticism. Cumbiambian Christian Domínguez preferred to remain silent before responding to Elías Montalvo, who underestimated his singing talent and gave him a message of respect.

“And how do you take the comments of Elías Montalvo who has said that ‘he does not believe that you are a better singer than him’ … Do you think they can beat you, that they can eliminate you?”, Asked the reporter from Love and Fire.

Faced with these questions, the cumbia singer made it clear that he would consider all the participants of The artist of the year, and that it would have nothing to do with whether they have been in the artistic medium for more or less time, and it showed that he would be ready to cover mouths.

“I can’t tell you anything about that, I just (be silent) … I am a person who respects everyone and whether I have a lot or a little time, I respect people a lot“, he sentenced Christian Dominguez in his elegant reply to Elías Montalvo.

Christian Domínguez: This is how Pamela reacted after joining The Artist of the Year

Cumbiambero Christian Domínguez tells what was the reaction of Pamela Franco after appearance in reality of Gisela Valcárcel “The artist of the year”, and assures that he wants a life “forever” with his partner and mother of his little Mariacataleya.

She always supports me, she is an incredible woman … I have asked her to go because she motivates me … You don’t have to worry “, the singer responded without any problem to the cameras of Love and Fire.