Christian Domínguez reveals that they offered him money for sex: “They never told me the amount”

Strong declarations. Christian Dominguez He was invited to Christopher Gianotti’s YouTube show to hold a talk and answer awkward questions. The cumbiambero gave some revelations by recalling anecdotes with fans.

In this sense, the announcer asked him if he had ever been offered money in exchange for privacy. The leader of the Great International Orchestra stated that he was asked to have sex for a few coins.

“I think twice. They never told me the amount, but they have proposed to me. You have a complicated agenda, I understand that ‘buy your time’. But I’m going to pay you so much for your time, no,” said the interpreter.

“This that they tell me that I give you so much (money), neither man nor woman,” Domínguez highlighted in the talk.

Christian Domínguez was criticized for refusing to share the stage with Karla Tarazona, mother of his children. The cumbiambero had requested that the television host get off the stage in order to have exclusive use of it.

In this regard, the artist responded to the cameras of “Love and fire”. “His job is to introduce us, they asked us if he could be on stage. Nobody can be on stage (…) It doesn’t matter who introduces us. In all the events there are presenters, we do not decide that, each one works on his own, ”he explained.

Great controversy generated the dance of the worm that Christian Domínguez did in the marriage of Ethel Pozo and Julián Alexander. The singer explained why he took off his shirt at the private event.

“It was requested by the bride. How can they think of me doing something without asking me. If it had been another wedding, I would have refused. The ‘boss’ wanted to have fun with what always annoys me here, ”she told La República.