Christian Domínguez thanks Rafael and Karla for traveling with their son: “They are also his family”

On several occasions, Christian dominguez She has spoken about the good relationship she maintains with her son’s mother, Karla Tarazona, and her current husband Rafael Fernández. This time, the singer expressed his gratitude that his ex-partner and the well-known ‘King of Eggs’ took their little one on vacation.

The singer said that this was the first trip to the beach for his son Valentino, along with his brothers and his stepfather.

“It is the treasure of his daddies, they are also his family, just thank them” said in for El Popular.

Likewise, he revealed that he did not have to sign any permission, since he has a good relationship with his ex-partner and there are no such conflicts about visits to his child: “That happens when there is an issue between the parents, we get along very well.” , he assured.

Christian Domínguez surprised everyone by saying that he is very interested in having a hair implant. It all started when a doctor came to America today to talk about the aforementioned treatment.

In this way, the cumbiambero revealed that this change will be made in 2022. “I’m going to do it. In the next season in America today, if I am, they will see me as lush, Mario Cimarro, “he said.

The singer Pamela Franco spoke once more about her relationship with Christian Domínguez for the Amor y Fuego cameras, where she assured that they are extremely close. The artist rejected comments from viewers who say that the affection she expresses for her partner is only for the screen and said that she encourages him at home.

He also spoke about his future with Christian Domínguez, and indicated that “you never know what might happen.” In addition, she was happy about the current state of their relationship: “Never in my life have I been happier or calmer than now.”