Christian Domínguez thanks Rafael and Karla for traveling with their son: “They are also his family”

While waiting for his return to television to take place and his shows with his orchestra also normalize, the popular Wachimán is not resting on his laurels.

He announced that this year he plans to open his gym and at least five chifas. “I never sit idly by waiting for mangoes to fall from the sky. For mine I am able to start selling tops, sweets, for me there is no bad job, I am all terrain, “he remarked.

-Are you now a personal trainer of your love Pamela franco?
-That’s right, but not just her, I already have many students, I go where they call me. Unfortunately there are many who cheat, my 20 years in this world give me the solvency and guarantee of doing a good job.

-You mentioned that you plan to have your own gym.
– Last year I would not have talked about this, but with all the opportunities in the field, I was encouraged to do it.

And on the subject of your chifas?
-The business is going from strength to strength, we already have six stores and the goal is to open at least five more nationwide. We are packed, nobody stops us.

-What happened to your continuity in the program America today?
-So far nothing, I do not despair, I know that at some point they will. I love working with Ethel, Janet and Giselo.

-Did you close the reality show stage?
-I do not close anything that has to do with work, if they call me I will evaluate the proposal, I am still a super competitive person, that more challenges come to me this 2022.

No divorce

Christian gets uncomfortable when we ask him about the divorce from his ex Tania Ríos. “The truth that makes me helpless and angry. I don’t know what happens with the Judiciary. It only remains to wait for the will of the gentlemen, “he said.

On the other hand, Christian commented excitedly about the trip of his little Valentino with his mother Karla Tarazona, her husband and his little brothers.
“It is the treasure of his daddies, they are also his family, just thank them,” he said.

-Have you signed any permits?
-No, that happens when there is an issue between the parents, we get along very well.

Claim by artists

Christian explodes because the art sector is once again cornered by our authorities. “They close the events on key days as if contagions only occur on those dates, they are very rare. While thousands are in the streets, markets and shopping centers. We also have family, “he said.