Christian Domínguez: Why didn’t you like to dance or sing the ‘Tic tic tac’?

Christian Domínguez has been immersed in the artistic world since he was very young, because at the age of 16 he belonged to the group the young sensation and one of his most remembered songs is ‘tick tick tock’. However, the singer revealed in an interview with Christopher Gianotti that he was initially very ashamed to dance the iconic theme. What were his motives?

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How did the theme ‘Tic tic tac’ come about?

Christian Dominguez on YouTube show Christopher Gianotti He said that in the first instance the young sensation It was focused on salsa, but the different media of that time criticized them a lot, because they didn’t do techno-cumbia, so the theme of a Bolivian group appeared and they interpreted it in their style.

“Why is it the only group that doesn’t do techno-cumbia’, they denigrate techno-cumbia, they don’t like it,” he said at the beginning, confessing that they received criticism. “And they practically forced us to do a techno-cumbia and thus choosing came out the tick tick tock“said the singer.

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Why were you ashamed to dance ‘Tic tic tac’?

Christian says that the song came out of nowhere and the sister of one of the members created the choreography, but she was very ashamed to dance it because she didn’t like it at all.

“But it wasn’t even a studied song, let’s see the scope it could have. A forgotten song by a group from Bolivia if I’m not mistaken and more the choreography… I tell you that when we started to sing and dance before appearing on television I was dying of shame, I didn’t like it at all”,