Christian Nodal gave details of the beginning of his relationship with Belinda

The couple formed by Christian Nodal and Belinda continue to garner spotlight within the entertainment world. This time, during an interview with the program The fat and the skinny Nodal gave intimate details of the time he met his girlfriend; Likewise, he told how he fell in love with her and the plans they have to get married.

The Mexican singer commented that it was during a television program that he began to feel butterflies for the Spanish artist based in Mexico. “Well, we were on a television show together and it gives me, whenever I looked at her, stage fright, you know, like when I got on stage the first time and I wanted to hide behind everyone and it couldn’t be me in front of her. It had never happened to me with a woman, but she imposes too much ”, confessed Nodal.

Although he did not reveal the name of the show, it is speculated that it was during the filming of Mexico‘s voice when they both participated as coaches in the singing reality show.

“So, until the end of the show we went to rehearse at my house, and I said: ‘It’s now or never’ and I said: ‘You’re not going to leave without me stealing a kiss from you.’ She said: ‘No, no’ and I: ‘Yes, yes’, and from there it has been super nice, super romantic, I composed a song for her and sang it to her that same night ”, commented the singer-songwriter.

Christian Nodal was also asked if he liked her since he dealt with Belinda, to which the interpreter of “Adiós amor” replied that he had seen her since he was a child in the different series in which he worked throughout his career.

“Yes, when I watched soap operas, since I was 5 years old, I really liked the soap operas that he made. I lost track of her for a long time, she said: ‘Ah, Belinda is a very beautiful woman’, but she didn’t have her on the radar, ”he said.

In that sense, confessed that the first kiss he had with the singer of “Light without gravity” began his love story.

Christian Nodal and Belinda have previously mentioned that they want to get married and start a family in the near future.

Faced with this, the singer-songwriter said: “Sure, she wants three, I want four. The spiritual wedding is for next year and we hope this year to be able to get married well ”.

Christian Nodal, who has been facing a legal process regarding his music, stressed that at the moment he cannot give details, because he does not want to get into trouble.