Christian Nodal will be a father: Cazzu announced her pregnancy in full concert

Christian Nodal and Cazzu will be parents very soon. The Argentine singer revealed it during her most recent concert, showing off her belly in front of the public. The couple denied all rumors about the arrival of their first child; However, Cazzu broke the news at the close of the “Nena trap tour” at the Movistar Arena in Buenos Aires.

Cazzu, known as the ‘Boss Trap’, showed off her pregnant bump by dropping a coat that covered her, similar to what Rihanna did at Super Bowl 2023, and caused a stir on social media. “The people who came to accompany me are very important. Thank you, ”she thanked. She then announced, “Don’t you think I’m singing better? It’s just that I feel like there are two of us singing now, like something is happening.” The musicians froze and the audience erupted in applause and shouts.

The rumors began last February, when Nodal and Cazzu positioned themselves in the musical trends after passing through the red carpet of the Lo Nuestro Awards, since the Mexican interpreter hugged his girlfriend by placing his hand on her belly.

contentious relationship

The courtship of Christian Nodal and Julieta Cazzucheli is considered one of the most controversial on social networks. Internet users believe that both began a relationship in the midst of discussions with Belinda and her family.